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Vitamins for Life

Replenishing the Essence of Vibrant HealthTM

Eniva provides a distinctive line of water-soluble vitamins to complement our mineral nutrition program. All of Eniva's Vitamins products utilize a proprietary aqueous stabilization process to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.

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Eniva vitamins

Cell-Ready PhytaminsTM

Eniva's Cell-Ready Phytamins provides a complete blend of vitamins and phytonutrients necessary for healthy living.* Modeled after nature, this bio-available design allows the body to easily absorb, assimilate, and use these high potency nutrients to manufacture substances vital for the chemical reactions of life.*

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Eniva vitamins

Vitamin C

Eniva's Vitamin C utilizes a proprietary Aqueous Stabilization process in combination with a highly bio-available, all-natural antioxidant form of Vitamin C. Eniva's Vitamin C includes Ester-C, the only internationally patented, all-natural form of Vitamin C with metabolites derived by natural extraction. This special formulation ensures premium delivery to the body with superior potency and maximum absorption.*

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Eniva vitamins

Vitamin B-Complex

Eniva's B-Complex is a dietary supplement of B vitamins in an aqueous solution. The B vitamins work synergistically. Acting together, they can energize the body for optimal health.*

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What are vitamins?
A vitamin is an organic chemical compound your body must have for normal growth, metabolism (creating energy), and health. The body itself does not make vitamins. The only place the body can get vitamins is from outside sources.* The body needs vitamins to make enzymes and hormones. These are important substances the body uses to run all the chemical reactions you need to live.

Do I really need to supplement?
Yes, as much as all of us try, the majority do not eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet every day. Even if we did, current food processing destroys much of the usable nutritional value in our foods. Supplements can make up for this by giving the body a consistent supply of essential compounds. Additionally, supplements are sometimes needed to help deal with health problems. Finally, some vitamins should be taken in combination with others - supplements help to achieve this synergy and body balance.

Why should I take this product over my old vitamin tablets?
It is important to realize you are not what you put into your body, but what is absorbed and delivered to your cells. Since the process of digestion is a process of liquefaction, traditionally one has had to take a hard tablet, often coated with synthetic material, and turn it into solution. This may not be possible due to many factors, such as inadequate stomach acid, food allergies, and intestinal/absorption problems. An individual who has had intestinal repair or surgery has experienced this firsthand. Also, time is an issue. The constant muscular contraction known as peristalsis, which moves food from your esophagus to your rectum for storage is, for the most part, a continual process. Many of these vitamin tablets would be able to be fully digested and absorbed by the body if there was enough time. However, this is not the case. The majority of these products are passed from the body.

Can I overdose on the B-vitamins?
Since the B-vitamins are water-soluble, it is very hard to overdose unless you take massive amounts. The body does not store large amounts of the B-vitamins. Therefore, the body needs a fresh supply every day. The excess vitamins are just carried away in urine.

Since I am taking vitamins do I need to eat as much?
Vitamins are not a substitute for food. They have no calories and don't give you energy directly. However, vitamins are essential to your body, especially the B vitamins. They are needed to convert food into energy and to maintain proper function of many body systems.

Are vitamins the same as minerals?
No, vitamins and minerals distinctly differ from each other. Both must be obtained from outside the body, but each vitamin and mineral has its own specific and unique function in the body. Vitamins and minerals work together to help the body function at its best.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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