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Heart Health



At the Heart of a Healthy Body

Eniva ATP-Pro is a powerful dietary supplement which provides your body with a patented form of D-Ribose, the most fundamental source of energy your body can have. D-Ribose is what your body uses to naturally build its energy stores. Taking Eniva ATP-Pro helps your body quickly replace energy levels that have been depleted by hard work, exercise, or health challenges.* The patent protection and clinical studies cover a broad range or nutritional and pharmaceutical uses for D-Ribose including:

  • Promotes heart health and supports optimal cardiac function*
  • Assists with energy production and enhancement*
  • Promotes muscle mass gains and muscle health (support for muscle soreness, stiffness and cramping)*
  • Supports use for fibromyalgia

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Artery Care Formula

Heartflow is a specially formulated nutraceutical product designed to promote the health of blood vessels in the human body.* This formula provides high-potency B-vitamins shown in clinical studies to promote healthy and normal homocysteine levels, a key factor in blood vessel health and function.* As the human body does not synthesize B-vitamins, this formula also addresses nutritional deficiencies that may occur as an individual ages.

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New! Great Taste!
Banana Pineapple - Silky Texture! - Smoooooth!

Q-Plus contains 100 mg of Co-Q10, 3,000 mg L-carnitine, 500 mg of Lecithin per serving... all in a liquid, bio-available state! Q-Plus provides a generous serving of heart-healthy compounds to help energize the cells of the body.* (16 oz.)

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Vascular Advantage High Potency L-Arginine Blood Vessel Health Formula

Vascular Advantage is a great tasting nutraceutical product designed to promote the health of the cardiovascular system through the support of vascular integrity, the presence of antioxidants, and the encouragement of nitric oxide production.* Nitric oxide is the key regulatory molecule for circulation and arousal, as well as plays a role in multiple immunologic and physiologic body processes to maintain healthy living and energy.* Research indicates L-Arginine and L-Citrulline help produce nitric oxide. Research and multiple clinical trials have demonstrated the importance of nitric oxide production as related to human health.

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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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