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Capitalizing on Trends

The biggest trend of the new millennium is quickly gaining speed. It's being talked about on TV, in magazines, and at the office. What is this explosive trend?

It is, of course, the health & wellness industry. The health & wellness industry currently is a $200 billion dollar industry projected to be $1 trillion by the year 2010. And just as deregulated telecom was the hit of the 1980's and personal computers were the hit of the 1990's, health & wellness will be the hit of this millennium!

Why? Baby boomers are aging! And as they desire to regain their youth and defy the aging process, they're turning their attention and dollars to wellness products. However, with all this attention, it's not only the 'boomers' who are gaining an interest, but their children and parents as well.

As a result, the demand for health & wellness products and services is exploding. More supplements are consumed today than ever before. More health club memberships... more health-related books and self-help guides... more health-related infomercials... all more than ever before. Yet the condition of health in America continues to worsen.

Simply stated, people are still seeking a solution.


  • A technology with a degree of impact surpassing all other wellness products.
  • An opportunity allowing you to capitalize on this exploding marketplace.
  • And the "timing" to benefit from this extraordinary combination of breakthrough technology and significant financial opportunity to create a lifestyle of independence and success If you're ready to turn imagination into reality, it's time to discover Eniva.

Eniva Andy



Chairman and CEO
Andrew Baechler

As Chairman, CEO, and co-owner of Eniva Corporation, Andrew Baechler is a true visionary and the leading force behind the company's success. He has been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the organization, having assisted in increasing memberships from 200 to to more than 375 ,000 since May of 1998, and in positioning Eniva as the fastest growing, privately held company in the state of Minnesota. An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Baechler has extensive experience as a top performer with a variety of other direct and network marketing organizations. A dynamic motivator and committed leader, Baechler provides a foundation of experience and value-based success for Eniva's future. Baechler is responsible for determining and overseeing strategic initiatives for the organization, including leadership development, new-product exploration and training and education programs. He also attends to business development and growth, including strategic partnerships, business ventures and other alliances that encompass and promote total body health. Many network marketing experts believe Baechler will soon be known as the "Bill Gates" of the network marketing industry. He is the catalyst in creating the self-health revolution that Eniva is bringing about.

Baechler also directs the company's "values-based" charitable activities - where significant impact has been made both nationally and internationally. He and Eniva have been featured in publications and on television for their charitable works. Baechler also regularly speaks to youth groups and school children about "Academics, Values and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action."

Eniva Ben



Vice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Benjamin Baechler

Dr. Baechler received his medical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School with a focus on Internal Medicine and Family and Community Health. He received his undergraduate degree, with honors, in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a leading research institution. Dr. Baechler's scientific and academic studies have concentrated in the areas of nutrient delivery systems, antioxidants and angiogenesis - the science of cellular growth and nutrient factors as related to blood vessel development and neoplastic spread. He was a recipient of the Angiogenesis Foundation of America Research Fellowship, has received the Hilldale Foundation Research Fellowship and has participated in several research colloquiums. He served as President of the American Medical Association-MSS and was a member of the Hennepin County Medical Physician Society's Board of Directors. Dr. Baechler was also chosen as part of a special delegation from the University of Minnesota to spend time at the renowned North Hawaii Community Hospital, where progressive, complementary wellness and healing practices are integrated as part of total patient care.

Dr. Baechler is a member of the American Medical Association, the Minnesota Medical Association, and has received certification from the American Nutraceutical Association. He has been an authoring member of teams for a number of various research publications, including "The Chick Embryonic Aortic Arch Assay in Evaluation of Angionesis." He has appeared on the internationally syndicated Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), as well as The KKMS "Wellness to the World" Radio series and other media outlets across America. He has presented at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and at several research colloquiums. To date, Dr. Baechler has formulated numerous wellness products, including several strategically designed to address the issues of anti-aging, healthy cellular replication and heart health. He volunteers his time and resources with Camp Jornada, Alliance for Orphans and Widows, the Page Foundation, and with various nutrition outreach consultations. Dr. Beachler is a co-owner of Eniva.

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