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EnivaLinkTM Voice Messaging Program

The EnivaLink Communication System is the communication source between Eniva Members, Managers, and Corporate Teammates. The EnivaLink system works much like e-mail, except uses telephones and voice communication instead of text. It allows you to record a message and at the touch of a button, send it to everyone in your downline, who is on the EnivaLink system, or just a select group.

EnivaLink Helps You Stay Connected

This tool is especially helpful to your newest Member who needs to feel connected and informed as they begin their new Eniva business. It can greatly increase their retention and productivity!

With EnivaLink You Receive:

  • Nationwide Toll-Free Number
  • Follow-Me Calling 6 Locations
  • Messages from Eniva Corporate and your Upline
  • Create up to 20 Group Lists
  • Dial-By-Name Messaging
  • Downline Message Management
  • Messages Kept for 30 Days
  • Multi-Option Menu
  • Listen to Pre-Recorded Talks
  • Future Delivery of Messages
  • Training Messages
  • 9-Way Conference Calling
  • Copy Messages to Your Downline
  • Plus Rotational Mailbox Options perfect for following up on leads from your advertising efforts. (Additional $12.95 per box plus $3 per rotational position)

Explanation of charges

  1. Special Promo: $1.00 For First 30 Days
  2. $12.95 Per Month Starting 2nd Month
  3. 6.9 Cents Per Minute Connected Time

Sign Up Today >
or Call TNT for sign-up info 1-800-218-7188
Please Note: This phone number is not the Eniva Home Office and will not allow you to place product orders.

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