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Become Nutrition Certified

Eniva ANA logo

As part of the Eniva Corporation's commitment to ongoing training and development of its Members, Eniva is proud to announce its new DSHEA Dietary Supplement Certification Course. This is offered through an exciting partnership with the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA).

The phenomenal growth of the nutraceutical industry (supplement and health industry) led to the establishment of the ANA in 1997. It was formed by members of the health care delivery system, in cooperation with consumers and nutraceutical manufacturers, to develop and provide educational materials and continuing education programs for health care professionals and consumers in the area of nutraceutical technology and science. Eniva has recently partnered with this professional organization to bring to its Members the opportunity to gain additional training in the area of nutraceuticals. This efficient self-study program allows individuals to gain further education and professional training.

The Eniva/ANA-DSHEA Home Study Course and Certification Program:

  • Recommended for all nutraceutical sales and marketing associates
  • Help protect you, your business and your company
  • Learn the right way to present third party educational materials
  • Become officially certified by The American Nutraceutical Association
  • Gain increased credibility and professionalism with certification
  • Increase recruiting ability by becoming certified by the ANA

This program is also offered at a discounted price through Eniva. If pre-arranged, Eniva Vice-President, Dr. Ben Baechler can help offer the training. Additional seminar fees would apply.

The Program Comes With:

  • A video tape
  • Manual and forms
  • A year-long subscription to the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association
  • Upon completion of the course, a certificate suitable for framing

We look forward to seeing your name added to the list of Eniva Members who are officially certified with the ANA.

Benjamin J. Baechler, MD
Eniva Vice Chairman & Chief Medical Officer

How to Order Your Materials

Certification packages can be ordered through our Member Services Department at 866-999-9191, or download an order form and fax it to Member Services: 763-795-8890.

For more information, talk with your upline Eniva manager about coordinating a training in your area. More information on the ANA can be viewed at: www.ana-jana.org.

Download a DSHEA order form (PDF 28KB) >

  • DSHEA-ANA Certification Course - Single Program: $49.95 each ID# 4200.
  • DSHEA-ANA Certification Course - Group Program (min. order 25): $35 each ID# 4201 but do not include one video per person.
  • Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of your materials.

Understanding the Regulations that Govern Nutraceutical Sales

In 1994 Congress passed legislation known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The law restricted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the regulations it could enforce limiting label claims on dietary supplements. Specifically, DSHEA allows dietary supplement labels to carry statements dealing with structure/function claims such as "supports the immune system." Section 6 of DSHEA states that structure/function statements are "statements of nutritional support... that describe the role of a nutrient or dietary ingredient intended to affect the structure or function in humans."

The intent of DSHEA was to provide consumers access to more health-related information about dietary supplements. However, sifting through the complicated language contained in the legislation is a formidable task. The fine line in semantics with respect to a supplement "supporting" a normal body function as opposed to "treating a disease" remains as controversial an area as the current debate over how the FDA actually defines "diseases." Members of the nutraceutical industry, including manufacturers, distributors, and sales associates, are becoming increasingly aware, however, of the importance of understanding and adhering to these oftentimes confusing guidelines in marketing nutraceuticals.

In an attempt to guide companies and their sales associates on the sales of nutraceutical products as allowed under DSHEA, the American Nutraceutical Association has prepared a DSHEA Home Study Course and Certification program. The program contains a video presentation on DSHEA by three leading attorneys in Washington, DC: Scott Bass, partner in the firm of Sidley & Austin; Jess Stribling, Former Partner-in-Charge of the Washington, DC office of King & Spalding; and Peter Barton Hutt, a partner in the Washington, DC law firm of Covington & Burling. Mr. Bass is recognized as a leading authority on FDA enforcement practices, including CGMP regulations. Mr. Stribling served in the FDA Chief Counsel's Office and also served as Executive Assistant to the FDA Commissioner. Mr. Hutt served as Chief Counsel for the Food and Drug Administration from 1971 to 1975. He currently teaches a course on food and drug law at Harvard Law School. Also on the video program is Eileen McMahon, a former partner with the Canadian law firm of Deeth Williams Wall. Ms. McMahon discusses the status of nutraceutical regulations in Canada.

The videotape is accompanied by a course syllabus, a copy of the DSHEA law, and articles on DSHEA prepared by ANA general counsel Fred Degnan. After viewing the educational video on DSHEA and studying the written materials, a pre-test is taken to help review the material. The final step is to take a test that is then returned to the ANA office for grading. For those scoring 80 or greater, a certification of proficiency is issued by the ANA. Over 3,000 sales associates from nutraceutical companies and organizations have taken the Home Study Course.

Join ANA today and let the ANA be your resource guide to enhance your business.

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