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Drive the Car of Your Dreams...

Picture yourself driving the brand new car of your choice and having it paid for by Eniva! Just imagine walking onto the showroom floor and picking out the make, model, and color of your dream car. Imagine sitting down on the beautiful, supple leather seats, firmly gripping the steering wheel, putting the car into gear and stepping on the accelerator to drive off the lot knowing you don't have to worry about making the payments! If you could pick out any car, what would it be? A Mercedes? How about a new Cadillac? Maybe you would want a new Mustang Convertible, a Dodge Viper, a Humvee, or sporty SUV? Who would you take for a ride first? Your family, your sponsor, your best friend, or your next Eniva prospect! Whether you want a new sedan, minivan, truck, sports car, or even a new motor home, get ready for the ride of your life with Eniva's Car Bonus Program!

How It Works is Simple!

When you purchase or lease a new car, send Eniva a copy of the final sales agreement with the amount of your monthly payments. Each month you qualify, we will send you the car bonus allowance you have qualified for. You can also upgrade at any time. As long as you qualify for a higher car bonus allowance, you can purchase a new car and we will refigure the amount we send you each month. Remember, car allowances are only applicable to one car, 2 years or newer, per qualifying Manager. After receiving the first Eniva Car Bonus check, a person has 36 months before needing to purchase or lease a new car to continue receiving the bonus. On an ongoing basis, this 36-month cycle will be used to qualify for ongoing car bonuses. Also, should an individual miss qualifying for one (1) month after initially qualifying for the bonus, all they simply need to do is requalify and immediately the payments will resume without the initial three month qualifying period! After receiving the Car Bonus, should a Teammate miss two (2) or more consecutive months of Car Bonus qualification, they will need to re-qualify for the bonus according to the original criteria, including the three-month qualifying period.

Up to $1,000 per Month Car Allowance!

You can qualify for the Car Bonus Program by reaching the level of Regional Manager and having three separate legs doing a minimum product volume of $6,000 each per month within seven levels for three consecutive months. Meeting these qualifications will earn you a car allowance of $500 per month!

As you grow your business, you can increase your car allowance too!

To be eligible for a monthly $750 car allowance, simply achieve Regional Manager status and develop four frontline Infinity Bonus qualified Managers. After 3 months of meeting this requirement, your car allowance will increase to $750 in the fourth month!

To be eligible for the monthly $1,000 car allowance, achieve the position of Regional Manager and develop five frontline Infinity Qualified Managers. After 3 months of meeting this requirement, your car allowance will increase to $1,000 in the fourth month!

See you on Eniva's Road to Success while driving your new car!

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