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Special Company Wide Promotion:

The “VIBE ALIVE in 21 Days” incentive program offers new Preferred Customers a special opportunity to receive product discounts, 50% more pay, and special manager promotions based upon activity in their first 21 days of becoming an Eniva Member.

Through the VIBE ALIVE incentive program, we want as many people as possible to experience the wonderful health benefits of Vibe, and, be rewarded for sharing good health with others! Incentives offered through the VIBE ALIVE program are achieved by sharing Eniva and Vibe within a person’s first 21 days.




Eligibility Requirements

New PCs must have minimum product sales of 49 BV in the month they wish to qualify. The 21–day period begins with their application date. A minimum of 4 PCs with a minimum product sales of 49 BV points must be personally enrolled by the new PC for the bonus money to begin. The Bonus and Match amounts apply up to $500 on a single order.

See Eniva Gold Training Booklet for additional information.


  • To be eligible for the Bonus and Match monies, an individual must have a qualified 49BV* SmartOrder by the last business day of the current month.
  • The 21–day period begins when a person’s application is enrolled into Eniva’s
    computer system.
  • The 21–days are calendar days, not business days, with the 21st day ending at midnight that evening.
  • The 21–days period can span 2 calendar months.

*If RM or above – BV requirement is 74

The income examples are for educational purposes only and are not meant to predict or estimate the results a Member/Manager may experience.

VIBE ALIVE in 21 Days Creates Fast Growth Momentum


Fast Growth – Great Checks – Products Paid For!

"I really saw things explode with the VIBE ALIVE 21-day program. I’ve had numerous people on my team achieve the criteria and earn discounts and the extra bonuses and matches. It’s great to see people’s first check MORE THAN PAY FOR their product purchases. I’ve had new people call me up who can’t believe their first checks... my entire team loves the incentive program and I love the fast growth... everybody wins! I can’t believe it... with the program, my third month's check had three zeros and a comma in it! Thanks Eniva.”
–Rick Swanson, ND – Minnesota



Over $3,300 First Month – Rodeo lover now rides herd on VIBE!

"This is the best marketing plan I have seen with the least amount of investment and the most payback. It’s been the best investment I have ever made because I’m not only investing in my future, but in my health as well. THE VERY FIRST MONTH our household Eniva income was over $3,300. The VIBE ALIVE 21 Days program really jump-started it all! I believe in the products 100%! VIBE is the only thing I take now. I feel in my heart that when you have results as good as I have experienced you have to share it with others. I want to help others improve their life as Eniva has improved mine. "
- Lisa Hermanson, END – North Dakota



Teach It! Use the Tools! Be Rewarded!

"The VIBE ALIVE in 21 Days is an awesome incentive program. We’ve got people reaching new management titles faster than ever. All we do is finish each meeting by handing out the VIBE ALIVE in 21 Days Flyer and have them write down the names of who they want to enroll. We also have them listen to the toll-free 24-hour recorded message at 1-800-211-5077 and let the 4-minute message explain the promotion. It’s amazing to see how excited people get to take action right away."
- Todd King, END – Missouri

Call this number: 1-800-211-5077
When do I call this number and share the message?

  1. At the end of a large group meeting or presentation. It’s best to use a speaker phone to share the information with the group.
  2. Immediately after you have signed up a new Preferred Customer one-on-one. Simply follow the script below:

“Mike, before I forget, I want to be sure I share with you Eniva’s special first-time customer incentive program...
it’s really neat! The best way to explain it is to listen to a 4-minute message…it tells you everything. Hang on...” (dial up the number and have them listen to it)

Then ask:
“Would you like me to help you receive your VIBE ALIVE incentives before your next order?”
No matter how they answer, your answer is always the same: “Great!”

* Please Note: If a person is interested in earning their VIBE ALIVE incentives, a great way to help get them started is to ask them to make a list of names and then assist them in 3-waying those prospects into the Eniva LIFELINE pre-recorded prospecting message. When calling the prospects, simply follow the below script:

“Hi Jan, a friend of mine played me a 5-minute message that you’ve just got to hear…do you have 5 minutes?
If they ask, “What is it?” Respond, “Well, do you have 5 minutes?”
Then 3-way them into the Eniva LifeLine at 973-854-1251, and ask them if they would like to try VIBE.
When they answer“Yes,” immediately 3-way them into Eniva tele-sponsoring line at 1-866-999-9191.

Remember, let the message do the talking!

* The results described in Manager testimonies are their own personal experiences, and are not meant to predict the results others may experience with the program. These quotes are provided for educational purposes.

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